We began working with brand new company that was developing a smartwatch and app to help teens and young adults manage stress and anxiety. In order to be considered for a large grant, they had to show traction and interest within their potential market. 


The campaign was developed, launched, optimized, and analyzed in a jaw-dropping 2 weeks. Multiple ads ran with one goal: encourage target audience to demonstrate interest. We did this by publishing graphics where the user was encouraged to click on an interactive poll, like the Facebook page, or engage with a relevant post. In addition to this, we added a second call to action which brought users to a short survey with more detailed questions.


An astonishing 2,194 people clicked on "show me" or "tell me more" in the interactive Instagram polls, signifying piqued interest to discover more about the app. 423 more people responded to the mental health survey, with 130 people voting that an app that would "give you specific coping strategy for before, during, & after" would help "a lot". Of the survey respondents, over half entered their email address in order to be contacted with more information. 


Every single team member was shocked by the unusual results-- with the budget and time frame we had, it would have been reasonable to expect had of the interactions than we got. We recognize the persistence to obtain quality data pushed this campaign over the edge.