We had 6 weeks to make it happen. During this period, we ran into many, many hurdles that should have prevented the whole initiative from being as successful as it was. However, the biggest challenge we had to work with was the time. Throwing 20 parties of at least 50 people each in 20 different cities, including food, a venue, a host, volunteers, community attendees, people experiencing homelessness, a live video feed, and security wasn't easy!


Much of the success could be attributed to how we dealt with the time challenge. Reasonably, we should have been able to find a lead host in every city to run the party, but practically that was impossible. The sheer amount of work the lead host would have to do within the quickly dwindling time frame would prevent many of the parties from actually happening. 


What we did was create a core group of dedicated volunteers who, off the bat, agreed to take on one aspect of the entire initiative. For example, we had a resourceful volunteer who found nearly all of the venues in each city, many of which were donated. Another talented volunteer took on the PR aspect and got the local media coverage we wanted. There was someone in charge of finding additional volunteers, speaking to caterers, ensuring we had a screen and internet at every venue etc. 


Overall, the 20 parties were a success. We donated over 4,500 hygiene products, had 1,000+ guests, and 200 volunteers and community members attend the parties. Hundreds of thousands of people read and were inspired by the 50+ media outlets that covered the story coverage. Our next goal is 50 states during the next Super Bowl-- whether it's in 2021 or 2022, we'll make it happen.

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