Social Media Video Content Creator & Inspirational Public Speaker

I've had the opportunity and privilege to work with Yehudis on various projects and I have so much respect for how she put herself into each project with an immense amino of energy and passion, she brings creativity, fresh perspectives and organization to chaotic systems. I've found her to be cool and calm in stressful situations and has a contagious positive outlook which is something I look for when working with people. What may turn out as a business arrangement will most likely turn into a friendship, at least that's how it turned out in my case and for that I'm grateful. She's incredible.



Content Strategist for Founder & CEO Joe De Sena at Spartan

Yehudis is a compassionate, smart and extremely creative person. When she's working on a project she gives it her all and never leaves a stone unturned in getting the best results. Working with her is always a joy as she truly understands what marketing is and should be and the creativity she exuberates never ceases to amaze. I know clients love working with her and so do her colleagues.



Chief Executive Officer at Harvesting Media

Yehudis is an ABSOLUTE rockstar. Her passion knows no bounds, her desire to learn is unmatched, her talent is jaw-dropping and she is a true joy to work with. Any company that has Yehudis on their team is one of the luckiest companies in the world.



Developing and maintaining product brands.

Yehudis is an absolute joy to work with. She sees possibility in every challenge and has a tight grasp of visual and conceptual direction. Her projects are executed flawlessly with creativity, efficiency, and finesse. It's always fun and good vibes. Can't recommend her enough!



Family and IP Attorney, Entreprenawyer®️

Brilliant, kind, creative, personable and meticulous; I’d add more adjectives to how crazy talented and awesome she is, but I feel bad crowding her page. You would be lucky to work with her!



Tech Entrepreneur

Yehudis brings energy to a project and team like few others can. Always looking to accomplish more and improve on her skills. She’s a perennial all star and an incredible asset to any organization.

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